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What Is a B General Building Contractor

Thank you for your quick response. I think I`m a little confused as to what exactly “two unrelated construction or craft professions … Average pain. Can you explain that to me in more detail? Just for background reasons – the other contractors who were called during the work were the electrician, the glassmaker for the shower and the guy who made the hot mop. All the other things were done by the contractor. During this conversion, the bathroom was completely emptied to the bone, if that helps. Hello. I am a GC with a B license in California and we have a public roof project (government building) where we have to install scaffolding. Can I do this work myself? or do I have to rent a scaffolding contract (D-36)? In Florida . I hired a CGC to MAKE CERAMIC TILE FLOORS AND KITCHEN RENOVATIONS. No major layout changes. Very uneven both tiles, some lower some higher than the other, resulting in risks of tripping that handicap me.

He also rebuilt my kitchen very bad job, the cabinet doors are supposed to be closed gently, but they are not because they were all placed outside the square. Installed with granite countertops, my assortment would not fit and would be standard 30 in width, the problem is not the granite installation, but the installation of the cabinet. It came with a 2 x 4, beat my new cabinets even worse, and then forced my litter. He also installed my new dishwasher and microwave and moved the power lines. Therefore, the installation of shark valves when I insisted on the soldier valves, a duel valve for the cold and a double valve for the hot water supply, as a result of which the water supply of two devices was lost when one is turned off. Now electric. no GFI with him installing a socket right under a valve where I was shocked because he had left a sink leak and the other valve to the left for the dishwashers waiting for the hot water for him and the sink faucet. The cabinets are not very well attached in my opinion and there are even more. I think my question is what I can do, he made me go over a barrel without a working kitchen and a lighter at $16,000. I took pictures every day from start to finish, so he called him, he explained that he would withdraw all permits if necessary. Unknown to the end, he did not draw any permits.

Please, I need advice. Several other problems, but I am out of breath and angry at the quality and dangers it has imposed. Is there anything in the public procurement code that prevents an owner/RMO/CEO of several construction companies from planning a project carried out by one company and registering one of its other companies as a subcontractor? Can a general contractor perform landscaping work with a Class B permit? Our company has a Class A contractor license for CA. We will perform electrical work for small 5G poles. Does Class A cover electricity or do we also have to buy a C10 licence? Hi Mimi. I don`t know anything about your project or how it was approved, but you may want to ask the construction department if they need a Class A engineering contractor to oversee the excavation work. I have a C-7 low voltage license and the work I do requires minor electrical work like moving or adding a power outlet. Can I (a) sub do this to become a C-10 Licensed Electrician, or (b) do the work myself? Can a general contractor or one of its employees manufacture raw framing or is a carpentry licence required for this work? There are two submarines with work permits (plumbing and electricity).

Thank you! In my opinion, nothing in the Entrepreneur`s Licence Act would prevent you from doing this job. I would like to open a pure sheet metal workshop in Ca. I would provide products for others to install, such as flashings. B, custom roof rings and raw pipes. Do I need to be a licensed contractor as a supplier of these products? We hired a general contractor to take care of all the permits and construction of the conversion of the house. It was a big project. Thank you for the answers. We will contact a lawyer and an approval department to get it right.

It is very important to know what a contractor can and cannot do because of certain guidelines that he must follow. If people want to do more of these services, they need to make sure they know what they can do for them. Plus, everything is different from the region you`re in. (b) A general contractor may enter into a main contract or a subcontract for a carpentry or joinery project. However, a general contractor may not enter into a master contract for a project involving trades other than carpentry or joinery, unless the master contract requires at least two construction occupations or independent trades other than carpentry or joinery, or unless the general contractor has the appropriate licence classification or subcontracts to a duly licensed contractor to perform the work. .

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